Meeting Agendas, Reports and Minutes

The agendas for each monthly Council meeting are posted on the parish notice boards in advance of the meetings. The latest agendas and meeting reports are available on this page.

Members of the public are invited to attend any public meeting of council. The public have 15 minutes at the start of meetings to ask questions to the Council. It is requested where possible any questions are sent in writing before the meeting to enable the Clerk or Councillors to be able to answer your question in full. During covid restrictions meetings are held remotely via zoom and members of the public are request to submit their interest in attending midday before the meeting so the Clerk can ensure zoom details are sent to you.

Once the meetings have taken place minutes draft minutes are place on this page. These minutes are ratified at the next full Council meeting.

For the monthly finance reports please click here.

For agenda and minutes pre 2020 please click here.

April 14th 2021 – Full Council Meeting
March 10th 2021 – Full Council Meeting
March 2nd 2021 – Extraordinary General Meeting
February 10th 2021 – Full Council Meeting
January 2021 – Full Council Meeting
December 2020 – Full Council Meeting
November 2020 – Full Council Meeting
October 2020 – Full Council Meeting
September 2020 – Full Council Meeting
July 2020 – Full Council Meeting
May 2020 – Annual General Meeting
April 2020 – Extraordinary General Meeting
March 2020 – Full Council Meeting
February 2020 – Full Council Meeting
January 2020

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