Westfield Community Fibre Project Overview

Do you want to be part of a community project to get fibre gigabit (that’s really super fast) broadband to your house? If so, you can help make Westfield an even more desirable and prosperous 21st century village to live in. To achieve this it requires physically putting down fibre enabled cables from the Westfield Parish exchange unit into properties. We have secured nearly £950,000 in government backed gigabit vouchers but we need everyone who wants faster broadband to pledge your voucher! to match this target. If we achieve the target the cost to the community for installing the fibre to over 1,100 properties within the Parish will be £0.

Anything you are unsure about please contact Jane Clarke on clerk@westfieldcouncil.org.uk or call 01424 575266 during business hours. I will aim to reply to people as soon as I can but please give me 24 hours I will come back to you. Your questions will help us add more information to these pages.

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