Westfield Parish Community Fibre Project Frequently Asked Questions

What do you as a resident have to commit to?

But I’m already have a contract? You will need to speak to your provider but many will easily enable you to upgrade onto a fibre to property package. A list of fibre to property companies can be found at: FTTP providers (openreach.com). Please note:

  • Many residents are on fibre packages already by these will be ‘fibre to cabinet’ or FTTC. This is not ‘fibre to property’ or FTTP which will give you a faster and more reliable service.
  • PlusNet currently do not do FTTP but they are looking to from September 2020.
  • Many residents have been told they can upgrade for £0 or up to £5 extra per month.
  • Even if you are in a contract with ‘speeds up to XXmbps’ this is not guaranteed. Please check you actual speeds by clicking here. You are only required to double your actual speeds as part of your pledge.

Will that cost me more? Not really! You can search for packages for around £23-30 which will double your current speeds. PLEASE NOTE – you cannot up for a new package until you have had the fibre to you property connected. To see potential broadband packages please got to: https://www.thinkbroadband.com/packages/fttp-broadband.

Do I have to take out the highest speeds available? No all you need to do is double your current broadband speed with a fibre to the premises package with a minimum of 30mbps. You can check your current speeds here for the most accurate results, mbps (megabytes per second). So if you now have around 30mbps you need to upgrade to 60mbps 50mbps would go up to 100mbps and so on.

But I’m already sign up to high speed broadband? You may be but it is unlikely that you are getting those speeds because 1,111 properties in the parish do not have fibre cables coming into their homes. Check here to see the actual speeds your getting.

Will I be liable for any of the project building costs? No. If we reach our target the cost for installing will be £0 for getting fibre cables to your household. If we don’t reach the target the project won’t happen.

What will installing the fibre to the premises entail? Openreach have provided a video to explain the process. Please click here to watch this video.

Please see below for some FAQs from the Openreach Parish Guidance document:

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