Westfield Parish Community Fibre Project

The Parish Council is continuing to work with Openreach to work a viable scheme based on the level of demand we have seen over the last year. Last year in partnership with East Sussex County Council and Openreach have set up a ‘Community Fibre Partnership’ to look at installing ultra-fast fibre cables across the Parish to over 1,100 properties. In just one month residents and businesses had pledged over £700,000 in gigabit vouchers. However this fell short of the overall sign up required to get the scheme in place.

Despite not reaching the initial full target, the level of vouchers pledged has enabled us to review the situation with Openreach and we are still hoping to get a large section of the Parish upgraded in the scheme. Due to the time it has required for Openreach to carry out the remodelling this has caused a significant delay but we hope to be able to confirm the scope of the project at the next Full Council meeting in March 9th 2022.

To help residents get the information they need when we are able to look at a new scheme we have created some new pages. Please click on the below links for details.

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