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Residents can contact the Clerk on the details below:

Jane Clarke Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

Westfield Parish Council consists of 11 Councillors who serve for a four-year term. The latest elections were held on the 2nd May 2019. All Councillor positions are voluntary and unpaid. Members of the Council, each of equal value, work as a single, democratic body of statute (set up and controlled by Acts of Parliament) to help the Council to make decisions on behalf of the local electorate. 

There is also a Facebook page set up to keep residents up to date.  Please click here to view our Facebook page.

Current Councillors

Full Council Meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of every month at Westfield Church Hall starting from 7pm.  Agendas, meeting reports and minutes can be found here.  The public are encouraged to attend any meeting and a section at the beginning of the meeting is set aside for questions from the public.

Parish Councillors are elected by the electors of the Parish (section 16 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972) every four years. The last Parish Council Elections were held in May 2019 so the current Parish Councillors will serve until May 2023. Westfield Parish holds seats for 11 councillors across the wards of Westfield, Westfield Lane and Kent Street.   Ten of our Parish Councillors were nominated via an un-contested election (an uncontested election is where there are fewer nominations than seats). The remaining Parish Councillor seat was filled in June 2019 through the co-option process.

Councillors Register (Declarations) of Interest –  You can find each Parish Councillor’s Declaration of Interest, held on the Rother District Council website – Councillors’ Register of Interests

Rother District Councillors The representatives for Westfield are (Please click onto their names for further details):

East Sussex County Councillor The representative for Westfield is:

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