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Next Full Council Meeting 

The next full council meeting will be face to face held on the 10th November 2021 in the Church Hall. If you have any questions or comments before the next full council meeting please contact the Clerk on 01424 575266 or clerk@westfieldparishclerk. Members of the For the agenda and reports for the meeting please click here. Please note that all Parish Council meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Planning applications are discussed at the beginning of the meeting. All planning applications which will be discussed can be found by clicking here. Previous comments are also on these pages.

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020/21

The Parish Council’s Annual Accounts are audited each year in accordance with guidelines issued by the Audit Commission.  Please click on the below links to view the internally and externally audited files.  To view the closure of audit notice and files please click here.

Westfield Community Fibre Project – Deadline EXTENDED!!!

We are now in the final stages of this project. An email has been sent out by DCMS for residents who have signed up to reconfirm their vouchers. We need all those residents who have signed up to the project to do this as possible. Once people have done this we will speak to Openreach to confirm the next stages of the project. Please note it is only certain postcodes that need to do this. If you are unsure then please click here for the list of postcodes. Other areas have already confirmed their vouchers so do not need to do this.

Home Page

This website has been set up to help residents find all the information they need from their Parish Council.  The Home Page will feature the latest news with links to various pages about up and coming events and meetings.  The Parish Council will start to add in more information and pages related to Parish Council news.  If you have any views or feedback we welcome any comments and please send to clerk@westfieldcouncil.org.uk.

Westfield Parish Council
PO Box 66
TN19 7FE

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